Photo Challenge – Edge

So I’m not much of a photographer but I do love taking photos. I’m always a little cautious of posting photos on social media as there always seems so much pressure on how many likes you get… Anyone else feel the same?

Anyway, this weeks challenge is Edge, and this if what I have to offer.

Hope For Children, Malindi Kenya

I met young Treasure (pictured) – she told me that she had chosen her ‘English’ name – on a trip I took to Kenya when I was 17. To say it was ‘life changing’ is a colossal understatement. I know this all sounds very ‘cliché’ but for me it really wasn’t. I went away for 2 weeks by myself, to a country I had never been to (I’d never even been out o Europe) , to stay with people I had never even met! The actual aim of my trip was to work at a hospital in Malindi, an experience I managed to organise through a doctor at home who had worked there in the past (it wasn’t one of these tourism volunteering projects – not that they’re not good too). Anyway when I was out there I met another girl who was working at the Orphanage and invited me to go along too.

It was amazing how happy the children were to meet new people! We took with us colouring pencils, footballs, and clothes of all different sizes and fun bits of accessories they could have with (funny sunglasses etc…). It was at first astonishing that they could be content with so little. About 40 children lived under the same roof and we cared for by 2 women. They were aged from 2 to 14 (after which they were sent away to get work as the Orphanage could not afford to keep them on). I thin they all really appreciated the attention they got from me and the other volunteers and I definitely adored their company.

Back to the photograph – the Edge(s) or the door beautifully frame Treasure. You can also see the Edge of the map on the world, representing the edge of the world which is where I felt I was, so far from home both physically and spiritually.

What life-changing trips have you taken ? Let me know !


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