Agonising over that first post

“I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying.” Michael Jordan.

For those of you that have switched off on reading the name’Michael Jordan’, don’t leave yet! I am definitely not here to write about basketball (apologies to all fans out there). The reason I’ve decided to open with that quote is because it sums up how I feel about starting this blog. I am not much of a writer and never envisioned myself blogging, however as of late I’ve been inspired and am therefore taking the plunge and “trying” out blogging. This inspiration arrose from reading ‘Americanah’  by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie – I’m probably a little late writing about this novel as it was published in 2013 but it really spoke to me and enabled me to discover a whole new world. I reveled in the way Adichie was able to describe the Western culture, in both the UK and the US, through the eyes of two Nigerian people. It made me appreciate the subtle (and other not so subtle!) nuances that exist in the way we all speak and behave despite sharing a common language and having shared ideals. However, it was the fact that Ifemelu, the main character, is a blogger,  that has got me to this point.

Blogging opened the doors to a new community which I am eager to join. I look forward to posting more and reading, following and commenting other blogs too! I’m sorry I have yet to truly decide as to the nature of my blog and the topics that I’ll cover, but I hope to share my views on various books I’m reading and I’ll probably end up using this as a way of sharing my studying experiences as a foreign student at a UK university.

This is all for now; any tips or suggestions would be much appreciated!


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